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• CMAA Board of Directors

Officers: Executive Board - 2017-2018

  • Judy Corless, Chair of the Board
       Orange County -  
  • Nancy Schneider, Chief Financial Officer
       San Joaquin Alliance
  • Sharon De St Jeor, Secretary
       Sonoma Alliance

  • Suzanne Jackson, Bylaws and Governance Director (Past President 1994-95)
       Santa Clara Alliance - 
  • Alan Samaha, Membership Co-Director
       Fresno-Madera Alliance
  • Halaine Rose, Membership Co-Director
  • Tricia Hunstock, Health Promotions Director
    Member at Large - Orange Alliance
  • ______________, Communication Director
  • Nancy Schneider, Co-Grants Director 
     San Joaquin Alliance 
  • Patricia LawrenceCo-Grants Director
     Member at Large -SLO 
  • ​ Tricia Hunstock, Immediate Past Board Chair
       Sonoma Alliance

Governance Committee   

  • Suzanne Jackson, Bylaws Chair
  • Susie Bartlett, member
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio

Finance Committee 

  • Nancy Schneider, Chair
  • Susie Bartlett, member
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio

 Membership Committee

  • Alan Samaha, Co-Chair
  • Halaine Rosa, Co-chair
  • _____________, Presidents Forum Chair
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio

Events/Conference Committee

  • ---------------------------
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio
  • TBA, Legislation Day Chair

Health Promotions Committee

  • Tricia Hunstock, Chair
  • Kim Majetich, CMA Foundation Alliance Representative
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio

Grants Committee

  • Nancy Schneider, Co-Chair
  • Patricia Lawrence, Co-Chair
  • Ann Hurd, member
  • Gerry Hawkins, member
  • Mary Sosa, member
  • Judy Corless, ex-officio

Communication Committee

  • ---------------------, Chair
  • Tricia Hunstock, Website
  • TBA, Facebook 
  • TBA,  E-Alerts
  • Kathy Hughes Staff, Newsletter
  • _______________Newsletter

County Representatives/Presidents 

Ginger Alonso, Gina Bax, Butte-Glenn Alliance
Mandy Silveira, Fresno-Madera Alliance
Lois Hess,  Kern Alliance
Ting Kurihara, Los Angeles Alliance
Vacant, Napa Alliance
Pam Ikuta,MD,  North Valley Alliance
Judy Corless, Orange Alliance
Nancy Schneider, San Joaquin Alliance

Suzanne Jackson, Santa Clara Alliance
Mary Sosa, Sierra- Sacramento Alliance
Patricia Tweten, Sonoma Alliance
Loan Bui-Thompson, Stanislaus Alliance

Alliance Representative to CMA 

  • Suzanne Jackson, CMA Board of Trustee Liaison    

Board Development Committee

  • Sharon De St Jeor, co-chair, Tricia Hunstock, co-chair
  • Susie Bartlett
  • Nancy Schneider
  • Lois Hess
  • Ting Kurihara 
  • Judy Corless (Alternate)


CMA Council of Legislation:

Suzanne Jackson

 Other - Subordinate Officer

  • Peggy Azad, Ph.D, CMA Confidential Hotline Alliance Representative


Updated 11/1/17